FAQ About Quality Homes In Charlotte & Fayetteville, NC

1.What are your standard finishes?

William R Homes offers a number of different internal and external finishes to our home plans. The standard finishes for each home vary by each community. Each home is built to fit in with the style and external finishes of other houses already built in the community or area.

2.I'm ready to start building my dream home and I've been pre-approved for a loan. Where do I start?

The first step to building your dream home is a meeting with one of our sales agents. During this meeting, our agents will walk you through the different floor plans we build to help you pinpoint the one that fits all of your wants and needs.

3.How long does it take to build a William R Homes house?

The building time depends on a number of factors ranging from the size and design of the home to the weather and the seasons. Our typical construction time is 6 months from start to end.

4.Where can I go to tour one of your model homes?

Model homes are available for tours in both the Charlotte and Fayetteville areas. Please contact the sales agent for your area to set up a meeting to view our homes at a time that's convenient for you. Click here to contact today.

5.What features do I get to customize when I build a home?

On one our pre-sale homes, we start with a base house according to our standard features sheet for that community. From there the buyer is able to customize the home to fit their individual style. Customizations range from picking the external and internal colors of the home such as deciding on the siding and stone outside to the flooring,cabinets, and counter tops inside. The home buyer is also given the option to make edits to the interior layout of the home such as adding an extra bathroom or closing in the vaulted living room to add a bonus room above. Our main goal at William R Homes is to work with the buyer to construct the home of their dreams, so the selections you can make as a buyer are endless.

6.Will my home look different from the other homes in the subdivision?

Yes, we strive to make each and every house we build special and different. We do not build the same floor plan next door to each other. In the event one of our floor plans is utilized twice in a single neighborhood, then we will alter the external elevation and colors to ensure that each home is completely unique.

7.Can my home be energy efficient?

All of the houses built by William R Homes are energy efficient. Examples of this include installing low emittance (Low-E) windows and wrapping our homes to make them airtight.

8.Will I be able to sell my home?

We offer quality homes at a great value to the buyer. Our specialized framing process allows us to construct rooms with large vaults and treys in the ceilings throughout the interior of the first and second floors. This coupled with the detail that we put into our work gives our homes a wow factor today for homeowners and also tomorrow for prospective homebuyers when you are ready to sell your home in the future.

9.I just moved in. Who should I call if there is a problem?

In the event of an emergency, please contact the specific trade directly using the number given to you for emergencies during the final walk-through. For small issues, we ask that you wait for the scheduled 2 month and 10 month warranty claims with Quality Homebuilders Warranty.

10.What does my home warranty cover? What is not covered?

We offer a 10 year new home warranty through the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation. Their warranty covers a wide range of possible issues that can arise in new homes. They are backed by Liberty Mutual, so the homeowner knows they have a warranty they can trust. Our agents will be glad to give you a copy of the warranty book and walk you through what is and is not covered. Otherwise, click here for more information.

11.Are quality materials used during construction?

We only build our houses with quality materials and experienced subcontractors to make sure that your home can withstand the test of time.

12.How do we communicate throughout the building process?

The sales agent will stay in contact with you throughout the building process to keep you updated on the progress of your home. They will also be your point of contact for any questions or concerns that you may have during and moving forward. If you wish to visit the site during the construction process, then please contact your sales agent and they can set up a time for you to view the house. Health and safety regulations prevent unsupervised site visits.

13.Are there any additional building costs?

There are no additional or hidden cost when you choose to build a house with William R Homes. On our presale homes, a deposit will be required prior to the start of construction and a fee will then be charged for any changes made after the selection sheet has been signed off on.

14.Can I walk through a plan that's not a model?

Yes. Our sales agents will be happy to show you other William R Homes' houses other than just our model homes. They can walk you through any of our move-in ready houses, as well as any available homes in the construction process. All you have to do is ask!