Home Buying Process

Step 1

The first step of the home buying process is to schedule an appointment with our preferred lender or a lender of your choice. The purchase agreement requires that you apply for a loan within 7 business days. You have 30 days from your contract date to obtain final loan/credit approval. If this process isn't completed within the specified time period, William R Homes will not be able to continue building the home and may retain your earnest money deposit.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment with our New Construction Consultant (NCC) team as soon as possible. William R Homes requires that all selections be made within 14 days. Our NCC team can walk you through our available options and upgrades to ensure that your new home matches the vision of your dream home. Some options may require a non-refundable deposit. Once you have completed and signed off on your selection sheet all decisions on options and colors are final.

Step 3

Contact your lender to make sure they have everything needed to obtain credit/loan approval. During the process of applying for a loan you will be required to have an insurance company for the home. Please reach out to a local insurance agent to obtain this information. Due to unforeseen delays in construction William R Homes does not guarantee interest rate locks.

Step 4

Construction on the home will begin after all the permits have been issued. You will have an on-site Pre-Build meeting prior to the start of the home. During the meeting the Superintendent will review all of the options and selections that you have made. They will discuss any easements, wetlands, or other issues the lot may have. They also will be able to answer any questions that you have about the construction process. We prefer that you or an authorized representative participate in person, if that is not possible then a phone meeting may be scheduled. Because of time constraints we cannot let scheduling conflicts interfere with the start of construction of your home.

Step 5

After the Pre-Build meeting please refrain from visiting your new home without contacting a William R Homes Representative and them being present on site with you. Construction sites are very busy and can be dangerous and your safety is paramount.

Step 6

After the framing of the house is complete you will be contacted by a William R Homes representative to schedule a pre-drywall meeting. During this meeting you will review and approve the correct placement of electrical options. You will also review and approve the floorplan and layout. This meeting needs to occur within 3 days of notification. If you are unable to attend this meeting the placement of all electrical equipment will be per plan.

Step 7

Our NCC team will contact you to schedule a closing date for your new home. At that time you will be provided with the name phone number and office location of the closing Attorney.

Step 8

A home orientation will be scheduled prior to closing. During this walkthrough our superintendent will help you to become more familiar with your home and show you how things operate. This meeting should take around one hour to and hour and a half. After this meeting there may still be a few things that need to be addressed prior to closing. Those items will be documented and added to a punch list. All items on the punch list will be completed in a timely manner, outstanding items that were not completed prior to closing will be added to an items to survive list and cannot delay the closing of your home.

Step 9

Call the attorneys office to confirm the date and time of your closing. Also reconfirm the funds required to close. At this time please call the utility companies to have the accounts transferred to your name after closing.

Step 10

William R Homes recommends scheduling your movers for 1-2 weeks after your closing date. This allows you time to personalize you home with custom paint, additional shelving or window treatments. Since delays can occur during closing it is best to wait until after closing to schedule movers.

Step 11

Go to closing and get the Keys to your new home. Congratulations!

Step 12

60 day Warranty- Just because construction has ended our commitment the homebuyer hasn't. After 60 days of living in your new home you may have noticed some issues that need to be addressed. Please refer to your warranty pamphlet and warranty manual for the process of submitting this request

Step 13

10 Month Warranty- After nearly a year of living in your home the house will have gone through all the different seasons. Over the course of the first year the house will settle and nail pops, or sheetrock cracks may come up. WRH will do a one time paint and drywall repair at the 10 month warranty period. It is recommended to wait until your 10 month warranty submittal to request any paint and drywall repairs as this gives the house enough time to settle. Any other issues that meet the warranty specs will also be repaired at this time.